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How Parents Can Create a Family Story
How Parents Can Create a Family Story

Families can write a story for their own child that posts to their child's portfolio and is shared with educators

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Family Stories are a great way to let your child's educator know about the learning which happens at home - either an activity, an event or sharing an observation about an interest or strength or change in a child's behavior.

Parents and extended family members can create these. We often see Family Stories being used to:

  • Follow up on a theme in an educator's story.

  • Share activities or events from home.

  • Post photos and updates from family holidays.

  • Document significant milestones in the child's development.

From the Educa Message Board home page or the child profile, families can click the 'Create Story' button. 

Start with a descriptive title. Add images, a video or a PDF using the orange upload buttons.

Choose whether to notify your child's educators of your post by checking the Send Email box. 

Once you are happy with your story, choose one of the following options:

Cancel will close the story without saving it. 

Print Preview will open up a PDF version of the story which you can then download or print. This will not save your story, so be sure to return to either save it or post it.

Draft will save your story to the child's Draft Stories on their profile page, which can only be accessed by yourself. 

Publish will post your story to your child's portfolio, which will then be seen by your child's educators and family immediately.

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