Student Stories allow students to contribute directly to their portfolio, which is then shared with parents and extended family. 

All Student Stories must first be approved by a teacher, ensuring the work is of a high quality. Teachers can even send the story back to the student to continue working on with suggestions for improvement. 

Once a student has login access to their Educa portfolio, they can create their own stories.

When logged on, they will see their story list. In the top right corner they will find a Create Story button which they will need to press to begin writing.

The first step is to create a suitable title for their story. You may wish to set some standards for the title, such as including the subject, to help you organise their portfolio at the end of each term.

Next, the students use the main text box to create their own story. This could be a reflection of an activity, a space to record their home work or other assignments. 

They can upload videos, photos and files to further support their learning.

Once the story has been created the student can choose one of the following actions:

Cancel will close the story without saving it. 

Draft will save the story to the student's Draft Stories on their profile page. These drafts can be accessed by the student and their teacher.

Submit for Approval will send the story over to the student's teacher to be approved and published. Once the story is submitted the student cannot make any changes until the story is publish or it is returned by the teacher.

A teacher can access a child's pending story by clicking Pending on their profile. 

Selecting Edit on the pending story will allow the educator to review the story. 

When reviewing the story written by the child, an educator can:

  • Add additional comments.
  • Link curriculum goals.
  • Link to the child's plans.
  • Send notifications to a child's parent and profile educators.
  • Mark as a day journal.

An educator can then chose to Approve the story or Rework the story. 

By clicking Approve the story will instantly be published and can be viewed by the child's family and educators. 

If an educator would like the child make changes to the story they can click Rework.

This will send the story back to the child, with comments attached by the educator to provide information on the changes required.

Once an educator hits Submit it will be sent back to the child and stored under their Draft Stories.

The child can then go to Draft Stories and selecting Edit on their story, they will see the feedback from the educator and can make the relevant changes.

Once the changes have been made the child simply re-submits the story to the educator to approve.

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