Edit, Delete & Print Stories

Learn how to edit, delete, print and download stories. Alos how to locate draft stories.

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Stories are the primary form of documentation in Educa. Here are the basics.

Edit - Add Backgrounds, Creative Layouts, Maybe a Title

You can edit a draft story or a published story - either from the three dots on each story on each child's Stories page or from Edit on the View Story page.

The email notification box defaults to being checked the first time you publish a story, then unchecked. So remember to review that setting.

Delete a Story

To permanently remove a story you need to click Delete in the top right hand corner of the story. You'll be greeted by a prompt confirming you want to go ahead with this as this action cannot be undone.

Print or Download PDF

If you are planning to add your story to a child's folio or put on the wall, go to the Print page (under "More") in your story. You can change your background, add a border, manage the page size or hide the default title - more here.

Locating Draft Stories

Draft Stories are stories that are saved as "Draft" or stories auto-saved by Educa:

  • My Stories (draft and published) in your Teacher Profile. Access My Stories from the Sidebar or from your Teacher Profile page.

  • Draft Stories in each child's profile.

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support Team at support@geteduca.com.

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