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About Forms - Child, Teacher and Centre Forms
About Forms - Child, Teacher and Centre Forms

Forms are online documents. They can relate to children, teachers or your centre, they can be private or shared.

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Forms are versatile online documents that can be linked to teachers, children or your centre as a whole. Once published you can control which parents and/or teachers the form is shared with. 

Attach evidence to form questions - internal Educa documents or external files - that will travel with the form when it is downloaded as a PDF. Attached evidence and attached resources are available as links in the Form.

Form Types

As each form is built around a different user, we have 3 types of forms:

  • Child Forms

  • Teacher Forms

  • Centre Forms

Learn more about the different form types and use cases here.

Here is how they work:

Each form is based on a template. These templates can be copied from Educa's existing library or created from scratch by any teacher. The template allows you to determine the questions, the response formats and the visibility of the form. Once created, the template can be used as often as needed. 

Once your templates are in place, you can create the form. This is essentially filling out the form. You determine who the form is for, add your responses and share the form with the appropriate teachers/families. 

Once the form is published it is stored in two locations. Educators will be able to access any form they have permission to view from the Active Forms page. You can use the filter at the top of the page to find specific forms you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can access forms through a user's profile. Simply click on the Forms button in the menu under the user's profile picture and you'll see any Child Forms or Teacher Forms for that user. This will be the only way for parents to access published forms. 

If a form is no longer required you can simply archive the form. This will save a record of the form for both parents and teachers to access, but the form will no longer be labelled as active. 

Note on legality of digital signatures in Educa

Several of the reusable Educa standard templates include a digital signing section, where we have created two instances - a check box and a place to enter a name - to confirm a signature. 

The law around the requirements of digital signing is still evolving.  While signing from a secure, logged-in account in a private online system and having to confirm consent twice (with a check box and entering a name) would seem to have merit, Educa has no opinion whatsoever on the legal standing of these digital signatures.  

We recommend that Educa customers seek their own legal counsel regarding the validity of this approach for their purposes. The digital signature sections in the Educa standard templates are included as exemplars only. 

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