Educa is about to launch Forms - the home page is "Active Forms," access from "Tools" tab in menu.  


Forms are online documents. They can be for teachers, children or your centre overall. They can be shared among staff and/or with parents. Forms facilitate team collaboration and mentoring, transparency and keeps related documents together.

How Forms Work

Each form is created from a unique template. The Form Template sets out the questions and form settings, the "create form" page lets the user define subjects and privacy rules for that specific form. 

Once a form is set up, it can be used as often as needed.  In most cases, only users with Admin privileges can create templates.

We have 4 form types, organized by their "subject":

1/ Teacher Forms - individual teacher is the subject, e.g., appraisals, individual development plans. Available from the subject teacher profile or from Active Forms.

2/ Centre Form - e.g., centre reviews, strategic plans, minutes, hazard reviews. Available on Active Forms page.

3/ Child Forms - admin forms for children and families, where children or a child is the subject, e.g., private forms about a child that parents cannot see, parent permission slips. Edit these forms from the subject child profile or from Active Forms.

4/ Child Milestones - assessments, screenings, transition statements, where a child is the subject. Access and edit only from the subject child profile or Active Forms.

Learn more about form types and use case ideas here.

Either use our standard templates or create your own using our simple form builder. Note, Forms and Milestones are managed in the same place.

Access Active Forms from the Tools menu. This is effectively the Forms "home page" - access templates and drafts from here also.

How do I create a form?

First, you need admin access to create forms.  

You can create a new form two ways:

1/ Copy, rename and edit an existing form - from Active Forms page.

2/ Create from a Form Template (on Templates page). To create a form template, you can:

  • copy, rename and edit an existing template
  • use an Educa standard template, click "copy to active" - or
  • create a template from scratch.

Note, each template can create only one form (to persevere the integrity of data avoid form duplication).  However, once you have created a form it can be used as often as you'd like.

How do I complete and save forms?

If you can see a form, click "edit" to fill it in.  If it's a form with a subject (a teacher or a child) this will become a form dedicated to that subject.

If you click "publish" it will be visible to anyone who has access to it.  If you click "draft" it will be save in a draft only you can see.

You can come back to a form later and add more either way, either by clicking to save as a private draft or by clicking publish.  This allows for ongoing collaboration by a team (mainly for centre forms) or for a form to be completed over time, e.g., a child assessment. 

Who can see active forms?

Form access is decided when a form is created -- this includes linking teachers and deciding parent access.

Your "active forms" list will only show forms that you have access to.  

How can I find a form?

We have created access via the subject child and teacher profiles to make it easier to find relevant forms.

However, you can also go to the Active Forms page and search.  You can search by keyword, template, by child, by teacher, created by  -- each having their own dropdown -- and by created date. 

Search using one field, or multiple fields. Click the magnifying glass button to the right  to filter the forms list based on the parameters set.

Note, child forms and child milestones can also be accessed from the left hand link menu on the subject child profile.  Teacher forms can be accessed from the left hand orange links on the subject teacher profile.

What are archived forms?

Archived forms are retired and no longer active forms.  

Manage your active forms by archiving no longer needed forms (click "archive" at far right on Active Forms page) to move them to the Archived Forms list.  Child and Teacher Forms will still be visible on child and teacher profiles.

Note, archived forms can be re-activated by clicking the "Activate".

Managing templates. Why can't I edit some templates?

Once a template has been used to create a form, it will no longer be editable. This preserves the integrity of data entered into a form based on that template.

As an alternative, create a copy - click the "copy" link on the right of the template on the Template page list. Once copied, it can be edited as needed and then published for use to create a new form.

What are standard form templates?

Standard templates are starter templates provided by Educa. The intention is that these templates are starting points only.  

To use one of these standard form templates, simple click "copy to active" to create a copy of the template in your Active Template folder.  From there you can edit to suit your needs and then publish.  That template will then be available for use the next time you want to create a form on the Active Forms page.

Can I mass complete forms?

Yes. If you create a new form and then select multiple subjects, anything you enter into any field will become part of the form.  Then when you click "publish" that form will split into single forms attached to each child or teacher.  From then on, the form needs to be completed individually.

Who has edit rights to a child form?

If the user accessing this page has edit rights for any of the forms on the list, they can edit the form by clicking the "Edit" button located to the right of each form. Users who have edit rights any given form are:

  1. The creator of the form
  2. A teacher linked through the forms "Link to Teachers" dropdown
  3. A centre admin
  4. A parent who has been granted edit permissions to any part of the form

Note, child forms can be accessed from the child profile here:

Who can edit a teacher form?

Users who have edit rights to a teacher form are:

  1. The creator of the form
  2. A teacher linked through the forms "Link to Teachers" dropdown
  3. A centre admin
  4. A teacher linked as the Form Subject

Teacher forms are available on the subject teacher's profile page. If a teacher is only has edit permissions or they are the creator of the form, it will not show in their profile.

If you have permission to see a teacher's profile as a peer, mentor or admin, you can access teacher forms from the subject teacher's profile. 

To access your own forms page on your profile, select My Profile from your personal menu at the top of the screen.

Then click the little orange "Forms" link under your profile picture from My Profile or My Forms. 

The teacher profile Forms list displays Active and Archived forms where that teacher is the Form Subject. 

Note on legality of digital signatures in Educa

Several of the reusable Educa standard templates include a digital signing section, where we have created two instances - a check box and a place to enter a name - to confirm a signature. 

The law around the requirements of digital signing is still evolving.  While signing from a secure, logged-in account in a private online system and having to confirm consent twice (with a check box and entering a name) would seem to have merit, Educa has no opinion whatsoever on the legal standing of these digital signatures.  

We recommend that Educa customers seek their own legal counsel regarding the validity of this approach for their purposes. The digital signature sections in the Educa standard templates are included as exemplars only. 

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