Once a story is posted on a child's profile, both parents and profile educators can view the story and engage with it. This can begin a conversation around a child's learning. 

Viewing Stories

To find stories published on a child's profile you'll simply need to head to the child's Stories page.

This will then show you all of the child's stories that have been published. Any educator and family member linked to the child will have access to the child's story list.

Using the filter option in the right hand corner, users can then select specific story types to view.

Comment on an Individual Story

Open the story by clicking on the title found on the child's story list. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page where both educators and family members will see the option to comment on the story. 

Write your comment in the text box, adding photos as required using the image icon. Once you're happy with the comment select Add Comment

This will then immediately add the comment to the learning story which can be viewed by all of the child's family and profile educators.

Comment on a Group Story

To add a comment on a group story you follow the same process for commenting on an individual story. 

Once posted this comment will then only be seen by that child's family and profile educators. The comment will not be seen by the families of other children linked to the group story. 

Thank a Story

Sometimes you may not wish to comment on a story, but you might wish to show your appreciation to the educators for their work. 

On Educa all educators and family members can "Thank" any individual or group story they have permission to view. It functions just like a "Like" on Facebook. 

Open the story by clicking on the title found on the child's story list. 

At the top of the story click Thank and this will be shown of the story. An educator will be notified, if their notification options are set up to receive this.  

Educators can then view who has liked a story by hovering over the "Thank" button. A drop down list will appear showing the names of the individuals who have "Thanked" the story.

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support Team at support@geteduca.com.

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