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Learn how to view, comment and thank stories.

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Once a story is posted on a child's profile, families and profile educators can view the story and engage, beginning a conversation around the child's learning. 

Viewing Stories

Access a child's portfolio, and their Stories page, from the Educa sidebar. Click the "My Children" icon, then select the child.

This will then show you all of the child's stories that have been published. Any educator and family member linked to the child will have access to the child's story list.

Using the filter option in the right-hand corner, users can then select specific story types to view: Individual, Group, Day Journal or Parent Story.

Like a Story 🩷

Showing appreciation has never been easier or more impactful, especially in the educational journey of our children. Educa's "Like" button allows families to effortlessly express gratitude towards educators for their dedication and hard work, with just a simple click.

How it works:

  • View a story: Select a story from your child's story list to open.

  • Show your appreciation: Click the "Like" (labelled as "Thank") button at the top of the story.

  • Instant Notification: Educators are notified of your appreciation, enhancing the sense of community.

Educators can see who has liked a story by hovering over the "Thank" button. A drop-down list will appear showing the names of the individuals who have liked the story.

A "like" on Educa might be a small gesture, but it sends a powerful message of support and acknowledgment to educators. It strengthens the connection between home and school, showing educators that their efforts are seen and valued. For families, it's an uncomplicated yet profound way to be actively involved in their child's education and to contribute to a positive and supportive educational community.

Comment on an Individual Story 💬

Open the story by clicking anywhere on the story image. Scroll to the bottom of the page where both educators and family members will see the option to comment on the story.  You can add a photo if you like.

Once you're happy with the comment select Add Comment. It will be seen by everybody connected to the child's profile.

Comment on a Group Story 💬

To add a comment on a group story you follow the same process for commenting on an individual story. 

Once posted this comment will then only be seen by that child's family and profile educators. The comment will not be seen by the families of other children linked to the group story. 

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