Turning on story approval allows real-time mentoring around documentation, which can prove invaluable for newer teachers. 

Prior to work being shared with parents, designated "reviewers" must check the work. This provides an opportunity for experienced educators to review spelling and grammar, links to your curriculum and the content of the story, ensuring your centre's standards are upheld.

Top Tip: Site Admins can customise your story approval settings to share the load.

Story approval also offers an opportunity for mentoring moments through the establishment of a private teacher conversation. Comments can be added by the author prior to submitting the story for approval which can only be seen by their reviewer. The reviewer can also share comments and feedback with the author upon publishing the story or returning the post for further work.

This is all easily managed through the reviewer's Pending Stories page and the author's Approval Comments page. 

Check out our handy "How To..." videos below to learn how you can:

  • Turn on Story Approval
  • Make Teachers Reviewers
  • Submit Stories for Approval
  • Provide Feedback on Stories When Reviewing

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