Updating Your Centre Info

This page could also appear as Service Info or School Info, depending on your site settings. From here you can update your centre's details.

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The Centre Info page on your Educa site can be seen as an online business card, visible to all users. You can upload images of your centre, display your logo and add contact information for your service, such as your phone number and email address.

There are two key benefits of keeping this page up to date:

  • Parents can easily access contact details in case of an emergency.

  • Adding photos and a description of your centre tells new parents what you're all about, helping to sell your centre as the place to be. 

Site Administrators can edit the information on your Centre Info page by heading into your Site Settings and selecting the About Us option. 

Once you have saved any changes made, your Centre Info page will be updated for educators and families to see. 

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