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Invite and Manage All Users on One Page (Manage Users)
Invite and Manage All Users on One Page (Manage Users)

Use the Manage Users page (access from Settings on sidebar) to invite and re-invite families and teachers and change passwords.

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Site Admins can use the Manage Users page to manage active and pending accounts on your Educa site. This page offers an overview of who can access your site, so checking this regularly is a great way to uphold the privacy of your site. 

Access from Settings in the sidebar.

Managing Pending Invitations

Once you have sent an invitation to a family member or an educator, you can use the View Users page to check their status.

You can resend an invitation to a family member or an educator using the Re-Invite button next to their name. If you want to resend all pending invitations for family members, you can use the Re-Invite All Pending Families in the top right hand corner of the page. 

If you need to change a family member's email address or update a teacher's email address on the invitation, you can simply click Edit next to their name. This will allow you to change their email address. 

Once a user accepts their invitation and their account is active, only they will be able to update their email address through their site settings. 

Invitations can be deleted for those users who no longer need access to your Educa site. Simply click Delete next to their name to delete the invitation.

Managing Active Accounts

Users will mostly manage their own accounts. They can update their email address and password through their Account Settings. If a user has forgotten their password they will be able to click Forgot Password on the log in page to reset their password. 

If a user should no longer have access to your Educa site you can delete their profile. For families this is done through the View Users page. For educators, you'll need to open their profile and select Delete Educator.

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