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Approving Stories - for School Teachers
Approving Stories - for School Teachers

Educa has two ways to manage pending stories - full edit mode where you can add to the story or a quick approval mode.

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By default all stories written by students must be approved by their class room teacher before being shared with parents. That means teachers can have a number of stories in the pending stories list at any one time.

Pending Story Overview

Set Up Tip: Admins can help make sure pending stories by making sure each student has multiple reviewers. Pending Stories is a shared list. Each reviewer will see all stories written by the students to whom he or she is assigned as a reviewer.

Reviewing teachers receive email notifications when a story is submitted, they can go to Pending Stories (under the Students tab) or they can see Pending Stories under My Stories in their teacher profile.

Quick Approval Workflow

As you scroll down your Pending Stories list, you'll see the option to quickly Approve or Rework stories with fully opening them.

If you approve the story, it will publish, meaning it will be shared with the student's family right away. You'll be able to send the student a comment about their work. 

If you ask for a rework, the story will not be published. The student can find it in Draft Stories where it can be edited. You can include a comment along with the rework request to help the student make the story better.

Detailed  Story Review Process

If you wish to review the story more fully, make any changes or link to frameworks or student goals, click Edit to open the story fully.

In this view you'll also see any comments the student added to their work for teachers to read before reviewing their story. 

Before approving the story, you can determine whether parents are notified that the story has been posted. 

Once you're ready to approve the work or return it for amendments, select the Approve or Rework option. In the pop up you can leave a comment as well as choosing to jump to the next story in edit mode. 

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