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Conveying Your Centre’s Philosophy to Families
Conveying Your Centre’s Philosophy to Families

Utilise Educa to inform families about your centre's philosophy.

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It can be difficult to effectively communicate your centre’s philosophy and mission to families. 

Many families choose centres for their location, convenience, or cost. And while we would like to think parents chose your centre for the values and teaching philosophy, the fact of the matter is parents may not be aware of the wide range of educational approaches in early childhood education. 

In other words, parents wonder, “what does my child do all day?”

Educa offers centres a variety of ways to integrate philosophy and approach in daily communication to families. Unlike social media platforms that publish images, Educa uses stories to interpret learning, apply learning to educational approaches, and collaborate with families.

Individual and group learning stories provide educators with an opportunity to interpret learning through the lens of the centre’s philosophy or framework. 

For example, a faith-based organisation might illustrate learning in the larger context of the centre’s religious or ethical values. Other examples include linking learning to a specific pedagogy such as the Montessori Method or the Reggio Emilia Approach. 

Regardless of the centre’s approach, the “what learning is happening here?” and “what’s next?” sections of the learning story are valuable opportunities for educators to connect learning to their mission and approach. 

Rather than send home a newsletter or flyer about your school’s teaching philosophy, you can show parents your philosophy in action with Educa.

Learn how to add your philosophy to your site right here.

Message Board: Share Articles Demonstrating Your Philosophy

When logging in to Educa, parents arrive at the message board in the community tab. 

The message board offers an opportunity to post announcements, begin discussions, and provide parents with context about their child’s daily experiences. Many centres use this space to offer parents resources such as articles that will help parents understand the values and philosophy of the centre.

In the example below, this centre offers resources to parents about play-based teaching and learning. This type of communication often cuts phrases such as “is my child just playing all day?” off at the pass.

Learn how to utilise your Message Board right here.

 Curriculum: Connect Your Philosophy to Learning Frameworks

Parents who are concerned that their child is not kindergarten-ready or meeting guidelines within a specific framework will be comforted by the curriculum goals met in each learning story. 

Parents can then comment on the goals being met or other aspects of the learning story.

Check out this article to find out how to manage your curriculum library.

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