Your Curriculum Library allows you to activate any set of objectives or curriculum, which will then be available to link into your stories, plans or teacher portfolio posts. 

Educa has pre-loaded curriculum which you can activate or customise. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can create your own curriculum. Alternatively, get in touch with Educa Support and we'll be happy to upload it on your behalf. 

Activating a Curriculum

Site Administrators can open the Curriculum page from the Tools menu. You'll see the pre-loaded curriculum organised by region, in expandable sections.

Open the region your curriculum is for and locate the curriculum. Simply check the box to activate the curriculum and select whether the curriculum will be visible for learning stories and/or teacher portfolio posts.

Your changes will save automatically, making the selected curriculum available to all educators.

Customise a Curriculum

Any Site Administrator is able to customise a pre-loaded Educa curriculum, changing it to fit your needs.

Select Customise to the right of your chosen curriculum and rename the curriculum. Click Copy to save the changes. 

Now, refresh your page and open up your Owned Curriculum. A copy of the curriculum will be sitting here, where you'll need to select whether the curriculum will be visible for learning stories and/or teacher portfolio posts.

Click Edit to make changes to the curriculum. Here you'll be abled to add, delete and edit standards. You'll also be able to edit categories and descriptions, to provide specific information to your team. 

These changes will save automatically.

Create Your Own Curriculum

Many services like to showcase their approach or values by adding their proprietary curriculum into Educa, making it available for linking to stories and plans.  These links help your service's voice and philosophy come through in your updates to parents.

Head to the Curriculum main page and select Create Curriculum. You'll need to add the curriculum details before clicking Create.

Start piecing your curriculum together by creating a Category. This is a useful tool to use to categorise your outcomes.

Once you've added a category, you'll be able to add further sub-categories or you can add Goals. Goals are the outcomes of your curriculum and are the boxes you check when linking your curriculum to a story, plan or portfolio post. 

All of your changes are automatically saved and they will be available for all educators to utilise. 

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