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To make any set of objectives or curriculum available for linking in stories or plans, they need to be selected (activated) in the Curriculum library, access under the Tools tab. 

The Curriculum library allows you to edit any existing curriculum or create your own from scratch. If you need a curriculum uploaded, let Educa support know - we will do it for you.

Use the Curriculum library for state and national guidelines, philosophies, learning outcomes, and more. The curriculum library also has Professional Teacher Standards preloaded, which can be linked to teacher stories.

In this article we will show you how to set up your Curriculum Library, and enable the curriculum sets that you would like to use on your site. 

Educa has a number of Standard Curriculum already loaded and available. To activate (or turn off) for your site:

a) Click the heading or arrow next to the heading (e.g., "New Zealand Standard") to see what's available in that category.

b) Click the check-box to activate. Turn on as many curriculum as you like. Uncheck to turn curriculum off, i.e., to make them no longer visible for linking in stories.

c) Click "Preview" to see how that curriculum looks in a story.

This page auto-saves so once you're done.

What If A Curriculum Is Not In Educa?
If there is a framework or curriculum set you'd like to use that is not in our Standard list, you have two choices:

  • Create your own curriculum - see an article below
  • Ask Educa to upload it for you - just email support

Teacher Standards and Child Story Curriculum
The curriculum library includes teacher standards and child curriculum sets.  By default, a curriculum is visible in child stories and teacher stories. To keep your linking sets tidy though, take a minute to review your active curriculum sets and where you want them to be visible, i.e., in child or teacher stories or both.

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