The Message Board is your home page and centre notice board. Post messages for families and teachers, to everyone or to select classes or groups. 

This page also has quick access to your children (My Children), your draft and pending stories (My Stories) or create a group or individual child story (+Create Story).

Centres replace the likes of Facebook and Mailchimp with the Message Board to:

  • Share weekly updates - for a service or a class.

  • Post important information such as term dates and price changes.

  • Send out newsletters.

  • Promote upcoming events.

  • Suggest activities to try at home.

  • Communicate with parent volunteers, other groups

Top Tip: Pin important messages to the top of your Board.

You have the option to send to different sets of people - everyone, all families, all parents, classes or groups. 

The comments section allows parents and families to respond. These comments can be viewed by all users with access to the message. 

Assign Posting Rights

By default only Site Admins can post to the Message Board. However Admins can assign posting rights to others:

  • Give teachers posting rights in their Teacher Profile (in edit mode). Then they will be able to post to people they can see in Educa. If class privacy is on, they can send only to their classes and groups. If class privacy is off - then all parents

  • Parents can be given Message Board posting rights in Site Settings

If you are a teacher and cannot see the orange "+Message" button, you do not have posting rights.  Contact your Site Administrator to discuss further. Note, with Class Privacy turned on, a teacher can post only to their class and groups. This features helps centres manage their communication channels with parents.  To grant full posting rights to "everyone," a teacher needs to be linked to every class or made a Site Admin. 

Note on Parent Visibility of Prior Posts
Parents cannot see message posted prior to the date they join your site.  If you have a  message you want new parents to see, republish it with a later date.

Check out these "How To..." videos:

  • Post on the Message Board

  • Comment on Messages

  • Manage Messages

  • Assign Message Board Writers

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