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For announcements and news - for your entire teacher and/or family community or for selected segments - classes or groups.

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The Message Board is your central Educa site home page and notice board. Use it for:

  • Weekly updates: Ideal for sharing updates for a service, class, or group.

  • Important notices: Communicate essential information like term dates, events, and price changes.

  • Attachments: Easily send newsletters or other PDF documents.

  • Home Activities: Share ideas for activities that families can try at home.

  • Targeted Communication: Reach out to specific parent volunteers or groups.

Tip: 📌 Pin important messages to the top of your Message Board for increased visibility.

Key Functionality

Recipient Options: You decide who to share your messages with. Messages can be sent to everyone, all families, all parents, specific classes, or groups.

Comments Management: Choose to allow, approve, or disallow comments for each post. Note that visible comments can be seen by all who have access to the message.

Display Order: By default Message Board posts appear in a chronological feed, with pinned messages at the top. For a headline-only view, switch the View from Feed to Index.

Attachments: Attach Word or PDF files directly to your posts. These can be opened and downloaded by families or teachers.

Teacher permissions

Default Settings: Only Site Admins can initially post on the Message Board.

Granting Teacher Permissions: Site Admins can enable teachers to post by adjusting settings in each teacher’s profile (in edit mode). This allows teachers to communicate with families of their assigned children in Educa.

Privacy Settings: If class privacy is enabled, teachers can only send Message Board posts to their classes and groups. For broader reach, either link the teacher to every class or make them a Site Admin.

Without Class Privacy: Teachers, with Message Board posting rights, can message all parents.

Visibility of Posting Rights: If you are a teacher and cannot see the orange "+Message" button, you do not have posting rights. Contact the Site Administrator for changes.

Family participation

For Family Volunteers: If your site has family volunteers, Site Admins can grant posting rights to family members to help with communications under the Message Board tab in Site Settings.

Note on Parental Access: Parents can't view posts made before they joined the site. To ensure visibility of important past messages, republish them with a new date.

For more information check out these "How To..." videos:

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