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Children with Learning Differences - Multiple Voices Heard
Children with Learning Differences - Multiple Voices Heard

Work together to coordinate professional input from educators and clinicians to support children with learning differences.

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Learning visibility from multiple perspective is particularly helpful in supporting children with learning differences. This is true for educators in your service and when coordinating clinicians and paraprofessionals outside your service.

Feedback, reflections and Learning Stories from each professional is generally stored in multiple areas. It can be difficult for parents to compile all input and get an accurate picture of a child’s overall developmental progress. 

Families could use a central place for all this information to be stored and an opportunity for educators to discuss a child’s needs and progress in real time. Educa manages these input in each child's profile with a number of solutions for managing children’s learning available.

Learning Stories

Learning stories are written by educators, therapists, and parents to document learning events in positive ways. 

Unlike traditional assessments, learning stories interpret learning and engage families in forward thinking “next steps.” Learning stories show change over time and can be aligned to milestones and educational frameworks. 

Lastly, learning stories are inclusive- written to children and highlighting their strengths - an important element in the social emotional health of children with learning differences.

Learn more about Learning Stories on Educa right here.


Documentation of services can be both daunting and time consuming for families and educators. Educa creates and stores forms for student learning plans or other required documentation. 

Our Support Team can recreate and make interactive most required educational forms. Educators and parents can contribute to forms to be saved on the platform or printed as PDFs.

Learn how to use Forms at your centre by checking out this guide.

Family Stories

Learning is not confined to school. Families can share and reflect on learning at home in the context of progress made at school by writing learning stories. 

Families document learning at home in a learning story and receive responses in the form of comments from educators or other professionals. This collaboration treats parents as partners in their child’s learning journey. 

Check out this article for some more information on Family Stories.

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