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Family Comments & Who Sees Them

Visibility and other settings around family emails and comments.

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Stories and plans in Educa can be conversation starters for teachers and families. And so the Comments box is a critical part of family engagement in Educa - online and on the Touch family apps.

Every time a parent comments, all linked teachers get Inbox notifications and emails - an opportunity to start a conversation in real time.

It is important to understand in each part of Educa, who is able to see family comments and who has replied.

Summary of Comments Report

Pro Tip: To see a summary of family comments on your stories, there is a report - under Reports, called Stories and Comments.

Family Comment Visibility - Who Sees What?

Here is the summary by Educa feature. A family comment on...

  • An individual story is seen by all family members (parents and extended family), and teachers linked to the child profile.

  • A group story is seen only by family connected to the replying family members and linked teachers. It's not seen by other families in the group story.

  • A Message Board post is seen by all families and teachers who see the post. (Senders have the option to moderate and approve comments though)

  • An individual plan is seen by all family members and linked teachers.

  • A group plan is seen by all families connected to the plan and by linked teachers.

  • Policies and Resources are seen by all families and teachers at your center.

Note: teacher replies to family comments follow the same visibility rules of the parent comment. And so replies to family comments in an individual or group story remain private, seen only by family and linked teachers. Whereas replies to Message Board comments are seen by everyone who got the original message.

Note also: These rules assume Class Privacy is turned on. If that is not the case, please read "all teachers" instead of "linked teachers." Family visibility is not affected by Class Privacy.

In addition to commenting on stories, you can also 'Thank' them. This is a quick way to show your appreciation, similar to a 'Like' on Facebook.

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