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One big decision for every customer is whether to turn on Class Privacy to control what classes (and children) teachers can see.  

By default it is turned off (box is unchecked), meaning by default all teachers can see and contribute to activity for all children, e.g., create stories, comment on stories, share with parents.  

If you turn Class Privacy on -- to increase child privacy or for management reasons - educators will only see their assigned classes and their profile children.  

Note, class privacy settings control teacher access in all Educa features, e.g., if class privacy is turned on, teachers will only see plans and forms related to their children.

Ways to Expand Access For Some Teachers

If you have class privacy turned on, but would like some teachers to see more children, you have several options:

Activating the Class Privacy Setting

1:   Select "Site Settings" at the top of the page from the dropdown.

2:  Then "Privacy and Preferences"

3:  Under Privacy, you will see "Class Privacy Settings."
Check to activate.

Once turned on, educators/teachers will only be able to see the children they are connected to via the classroom or profile children.

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