Profile Children can be used to set up teachers that have children from multiple classes. For example, if a teacher has children from another class that they would like to write stories for, then adding them as a Profile child for the teacher will allow this. 

There are two places where Profile Teachers can be set up. Individually in the child's profile or many at once through the Set Up Profile Teachers options in the site's settings.

Individual Profile Child

1: Go to the "Children" tab
2: Click on the child you wish to set their Profile Teacher for
3: Click on the "Edit Profile" button
Select the child's Profile Teacher from the drop-down list
Finally, select the "Save" button

Set up multiple children at once with the Set Up Profile Teachers option

Note: This feature can only be accessed by an Administrator account.

1: Click on the "Admin" button
2: Select "Site Settings"
3: Click on the "General" tab
4: Scroll down and click on "Profile Teachers"

Here you can select the teachers from the drop down list beside each child to assign them as profile teachers. Your changes will automatically be saved when the list is closed.

The added Profile child(ren) will also then appear on the teacher's Profile Children page. 

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