Use Planning for individual or group plans with goals and for lesson plan schedules. You can link back to plans from other parts of Educa -- from stories, other plans and/or teacher posts --  as evidence of process and to provide context.

You can invite (link) any teacher to your plan.  They can then comment and edit, making Planning a great collaboration tool for teachers.  For directors, this visibility helps oversight.

Any plan template in the "Select Plan Template" (your starting point) can be changed by authorized staff. Add or delete sections, edit the headings and more or create completely new templates. More on plan templates here.

Inside a plan you can attach resources, such as a PDF with game instructions, schedule printouts. You can also link to any curriculum, child stories and other plans.

Writing a Plan - Step by Step Guide

1: Select the "Planning" button from the toolbar on the left hand side
This will take you directly to step 4. 

2:  Alternatively click the "Centre" link (alternative labels: Service, Company, or School) and from the drop down select About Us

3:  Click the orange "Planning" button

4:  Click the orange "Create Plan" button to create a plan

5:  Fill out your Plan form as shown in the images below
Plan Template, Individual Child, Title and Summary are all mandatory fields that need to be filled out in order to draft/publish the plan.

6:  Some plan templates will allow you to link your plan to Curriculum and/or Resources. 

7:  Click the option to either "Draft" or "Publish" your plan

Setting up Plan Template - Click Here

Trouble Publishing Plan - Click Here

Save a Plan as a Draft - Click Here

Link a story to a Plan - Click Here

Share a Child's Plan with Another Child - Click Here

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