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Update Your Account Settings
Update Your Account Settings

Update your email address, reset your password, upload a profile picture and change your name in Account settings.

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Individual users can update their account details through Account Settings.

Update Your Email Address

To change your email address, simply type your new email address over your existing email address. Then click Save

You'll receive an email to your new email address asking you to confirm the change. Once you have confirmed the change you'll log in using your new email address. 

Change Your Password

You can set a new password when logged into Educa by clicking the Change Password link. You'll be asked to type in your current password and then set a new password. Once you have retyped the password to confirm the change, click Save.

If you have forgotten your password and can't log into Educa to change it, you'll need to use the Forgot Password link on the log in screen.

Upload a Profile Picture

Adding a profile picture to your Educa account is a great way to personalise your account. Family members can just click on the Upload Photo button on their Account Settings and then hit Save.

Educators can change their profile picture through their educator profile. Simply click Edit Profile and then use the Upload Photo function to add a profile picture.

Change Your Name

If you need to change either your first or last name, just type your new name over your existing name and click Save to update your profile.

Educators will make changes to their name through their educator profile by clicking Edit Profile


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