If you want to add your story to child's folio, put on a wall or send home in a backpack, use Educa's printing wizard to print stories you can be proud of. Once you have created your print design you can Print or Download a PDF. The print options are:

  • Hide default header - a good idea if you have a fancy title in your story

  • Borders

  • Backgrounds

  • Pick your page size

  • Decide what to include, e.g., family comments

Notice the print preview on the right is interactive. Any change you make on the left will show on the right, including see where the page cutoff occurs.

Finding Print Options

Note, you cannot print a story until it has been published.

Once a story is published, find Print/Save PDF under the three dots on the Stories page and under the More dropdown in the Story - in "Story Details" view mode.

Download PDF

Note, you also have the option of downloading the story as a PDF. Click Print and then select 'Save as PDF' as the destination in your printer dropdown.

Browser Print Options - to Change Size on Page

Pro Tip: If your story does not fit the page perfectly, you could try different page sizes in Educa - in the left hand menu.

On most browsers, once you click print you will have options to change how a story scales to fit on a page. This is how changing the scale for printing looks on Chrome.

Here are the print settings to adjust the size and look at your other preset settings on the Safari browser.

Adjusting Your Story to Fit a Printed Page

Note that you have the option about when to alert families about a new story, but checking or unchecking the notifications box at the bottom of each story. The default setting is to send on the first publish, then not to send on any changes after that. But that is up to you.

And so if you need to adjust your story somewhat for printing, you can edit it, publish it and then try the print again.

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