Educa is a comprehensive platform that allows you to make learning visible and celebrate student success - in real-time. A positive focus builds student confidence and learning resilience – supporting higher levels of achievement.

Students can manage their own portfolio and set their own learning goals, making Educa a student led tool which helps nurture student agency within your school.

Here are the essential start up steps for a school site:

  1. Create classes and groups

  2. Invite teachers - assign to classes, set permissions

  3. Activate frameworks for story linking, story template settings

  4. Upload students and invite them to their personal profile on Educa

  5. Train students, have them add a story to their portfolio

  6. Invite families

  7. Set up workflows - story approval, collaboration rules

Here is a detailed guide on setting up your school site.

Set up Guide PDF here

Start Resources for Schools

Teachers and Student Users should be using our progressive web app if they are using a phone or tablet. Here's how they can add the web app to your device:

Adding the Educa PWA to your device

Families should use the much simpler Educa Touch app which makes it easy for families to see your announcements, their child's portfolio (with push notifications of new stories) and to make comments.

Family app for iOS Apple

Family app for Android

Share this video with your students - it's an Educa orientation:

This video is for families:

Here is a family guide for families of school-age children:

Schools - Family Guide

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