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About Student Users (& Invites) - Schools
About Student Users (& Invites) - Schools

Educa has a "student user" option - mainly for schools.

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What is a Student User?

The Student User role is a locked down version of Educa used by schools that allows school students to build a personal portfolio of stories that can be commented on by teachers and shared with families. Students can create use Educa story template to write projects, relate events or to attach work from an external source, such as Google drive.

Students have access to:

  1. Stories and their story portfolio

  2. Goals - created by them or their teachers

Student stories include sharing work from a Google Drive and then sharing with teachers and family. Stories written by students require approval by their teacher before they are published.

Here is a run down of how Educa looks to a student user.

Adding and Inviting a Student Users

Student users can be uploaded the same way children can, i.e., using our upload template spreadsheet (and then uploaded by Support) or by adding manually, one a time. Note: If you have completed an student import using MUSAC Edge or the Child Data Upload Template, provided the student emails are listed, these will automatically be added into Educa for you.

Every student user needs a unique email.

Educa supports Single Sign On, and since many students have a Google email, this is the best one for students to use.

To invite a student user, navigate to their profile page and click Edit Profile. If there is no email, you will need to add one, then you can Invite them to their profile. The student will receive an email to activate their account. Students will be able to access their Educa portfolio once their account has been activated.

Inviting Student Users in Bulk (Manage Users page)

Access the Manage Users page from Settings in the sidebar or from the School Info page under School. The invites won't be sent until you are ready to invite the students. When you're ready head to the View Users page and either invite the students one-by-one or use the Invite All button in the top right corner of your page. 

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