Our Planning feature has conventions and defaults (that can be changed) to meet most work flows and planning needs.

Here is the standard workflow:

  • Draft plans - seen by linked teachers and author only

  • Published plans - visible (and can be edited by) linked teachers and admins, and depending the template you use, some or all fields visible to families or not visible to families of any linked child.

  • Plan comments - seen by everybody with plan access (could include families)

Crete Private Teacher Discussion Field In Plans

If you want to use plans for curriculum planning, lesson plans or other uses not necessarily of interest to families, visibility can be set in the planning template you use. There are options to make the entire plan visible to teachers only or to set privacy field by field - families see some fields, not others.

Linked teachers can view and edit plans in Draft mode and again once Published.

Pro Tip. Comments are not available in Draft mode. If you would like to create a place for teachers to discuss a plan while it is being created, ask your Admin to create a plan that has "Private Teacher Discussion" field and have the Admin set that field to private, not seen by families. This field could be used for teachers after the plan is published.

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