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Individualized Framework Linking in Group Stories - US Only
Individualized Framework Linking in Group Stories - US Only

Write one Group Story, then create unique links to framework outcomes or goals for each child - for DRDP, ELOF and all frameworks.

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Learning often happens in groups, captured in Educa in a "group story." However, children are different ages and/or have different experiences in the story. This is why Educa allows each child's learning to linked individually to frameworks.

Once published, a Group Story saves to each linked child's portfolio, families see the story and links that apply to their child only. Family comments and replies from teachers are visible to the child's family and educators only.

Step By Step

To create a Group Story, head to the Create Story button in your toolbar and select Group Story.

Then use the dropdown to select children.

Once you have written the story, Link Frameworks as appropriate. You will see that you can select separate measures for each child, or easily rate all children with the same measure.

When you close the framework selector you will see each measure with the children selected, organized by subdomain or measure. Teachers are able to remove measures if needed from this "review mode." If you need to make a change for one or more children, go back into the framework selector. Note, a summarized version of this same view of outcomes by child is visible to teachers in story "view" mode also.

Parents however will only see the framework snippets that apply to their child.

If you need a more detailed description of framework measures as you add them to the story, simply click on "More Info" at the top of the popup window, as shown below.

Changing a Story or Links

Note, while the framework linking for each child is unique, the story is not - it is shared. If a teacher changes the content of a group story after it is published, those changes will apply to all children linked in the story.

Good to Know

If you do not see individualized frameworks in your group story framework selector but would like to, please contact Educa Support who can turn it on for your site. Similarly, if you see it, but would rather revert to the prior linking by whole group approach, please contact Educa Support and we can turn individualized rating off for your site.

Since so much learning happens in groups, group stories are a powerful tool. Not only do they help teachers describe the learning more fully, they help teachers meet their ratings goals more comfortably - as one story can serve as evidence for multiple children.

Video of Individualized Linking in Groups Stories

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