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Change Your Site's Language Settings
Change Your Site's Language Settings

Learn how you can translate your Educa site into one of five languages.

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The core text on Educa can be translated into five different languages. Whilst the content you post onto Educa will not be translated, navigation buttons and help text can be translated into:

  • English

  • Te Reo Māori

  • Mandarin

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

Selecting Your Site's Default Language

The default language you select will be the language Educa is displayed in for all users. Site Administrators can change the default language through the Site Settings.

You'll need to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Make Your Site Multilingual 

For centres where multiple languages are spoken throughout your community, you can enable multilingual options on your site. 

Site Administrators can do this through the Site Settings, simply checking the Multilingual Settings tick box. 

Now you have enabled the multilingual setup, you'll be able to invite teachers and family members in one of the five languages. This will send their invitation to join Educa in the selected language. 

Individual Language Settings

Users can update their own language settings through their Account Settings. The option to select a language will only appear after the multilingual setting has been enabled.

Site Administrators can manage an individual's own language settings through Site Settings. From the list of users, you can simply select their preferred language. 

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