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Calendar - Discontinued Feature
Calendar - Discontinued Feature

We no longer support the calendar feature on Educa.

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The calendar feature is no longer available on Educa. Here are some alternative ways to share event information on your Educa site:

Pin message board posts:

You can pin a message board post so it always appears as the first thing for everyone to see when they log into your Educa site. This can be used for important information or events that you want everyone to be aware of. Just tick the 'Pinned' option when crediting or editing the post for it to be pinned. This post will remain at the top of the message board until it is unpinned or another post is pinned to replace it.

You could use the pinned post for individual events or make a regular post with a list of upcoming important dates/events.

Check out our help article on Message Boards for more information.

Use another calendar system:

You can use another calendar system to create a shared calendar for your site to use. There are many tools out there but Google Calendar is an option worth checking out as many people already have Google accounts. Check out this Google help article on calendars for more information.

You can provide people access to the calendar and/or events by giving them a link to it in a message board post on Educa, as per above, or by sending it to them directly.

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