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Educa's mobile experience for efficient on-the-go documentation: Capture learning moments effortlessly on your mobile or tablet

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Use Educa on your mobile device, whether it’s a phone or tablet, to quickly record observations, capture and document learning, and allow more time to focus on teaching and child interaction.

Educa’s mobile experience is designed for simplicity; making content-creation and note-taking straightforward and convenient:

Take Educa everywhere there’s learning, and you never miss a beat when recording it. Stay present in the moment and capture learning as it happens to reflect on later.

Here's how to get the most out of Educa on the floor:

Add media directly into stories

See a child learning? Open their profile, start an observation, and simply snap photos or a video and you’re on your way.

You have two easy options for uploading images and videos: directly from your phone or by snapping photos on the go. Keep in mind not to overload your story with too many images, ensuring a focused and informative record.

Go hands-free with speech-to-text

Get your thoughts down faster! Whether you're in the classroom, on a field trip, or on the go, speech-to-text is at your fingertips. Tap the microphone in the story editor and dictate stories and notes directly into Educa, whenever inspiration strikes.

Tag curriculum on the go

Connect your observations directly to educational goals or outcomes from your chosen framework, while they are fresh in your mind. Simply link learning goals or outcomes directly from the story editor with just a few clicks.

Draft once, then easily customise for every child

Quickly create personalised stories for each child participating in a group activity. Effortlessly capture group activities in a single story but embrace each child’s growth by linking them to their individual framework outcomes.

Use the copy button to duplicate and individualise stories, to create truly personalised learning narratives even in time-constrained full classrooms. Read more here.

Add a shortcut to your home screen

Adding your Educa mobile website to your phone's home screen provides quick, instant one-tap access to your favourite site. It's a convenient way to save time with a single tap, enhancing convenience on the go. Read how to add a shortcut to your home screen.

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