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Save time by copying individual stories to another child's profile, making changes before publishing.

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Educa's Copy Story function allows educators to create personalised stories for each child participating in a group activity, in a timely fashion. This is the perfect option for you if you've typically used the Group Story function but have wanted to add personal reflections for each child. 

Start by writing your story as an Individual Story, including media and curriculum links as supporting evidence. Be sure to add the personal reflections for the child whose profile you're writing the story on. 

Once the story is published, open the More menu on the story and select Copy. Now select which child's profile you want to copy the story to.

The story will open again in the edit mode, but for the selected child. You will see the story as exactly as it was on the previous child's profile, including the media uploaded and the curriculum links attached.

Whilst in edit mode you can make changes to the existing story. You can change the names in the story, add personal reflections, remove/add media or link different curriculum outcomes. Click Publish when you've finished making the changes.

Once the story is published it will be published as an Individual Story. This means that only the family members and educators linked to the child will be able to view and comment on the story. 

If you need to copy the story again, simply repeat the process from the story you've just published. 

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