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How to manage email notifications for your Educa site and individuals.

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Email notifications are a key way to encourage engagement with Educa and to keep users aware of posts being created. Site Administrators can manage the global notification settings whilst individuals can manage their own personal email settings. 

Managing Your Personal Email Notifications

A users individual email notifications are managed through their Email Settings.

Users can turn on or turn off specific types of email notifications. Family members and educators can also unsubscribe from all Educa notifications by selecting the Unsubscribe All option. This will prevent further emails being delivered to them from Educa.

Viewing Notifications

In addition to receiving a notification by email, users will also see their notifications displayed inside of Educa. The notifications hub allows users to read and delete notifications. Each notification will contain a link to the specific post, helping users reach the information they need quickly.

Managing Your Site's Email Notifications

Site Administrators can make changes to the types of notifications received by fellow administrators and educators. This is updated in your Site Settings by checking the boxes next to the settings you wish to enable.

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