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Increasing or Decreasing your Site's Profile Capacity
Increasing or Decreasing your Site's Profile Capacity

Learn how to adjust the child profile limit for your site

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Educa operates a straight capacity-based pricing model. With this model, customers can expect to pay only as they grow with a flexible pricing model.

Each site has a minimum capacity requirement of 15 children, with the option to increase in convenient multiples of 5 profiles, ensuring ongoing flexibility.

Site Administrators have the ability to adjust the profile limit for their site to match the needs of their platform. This guide outlines the process to increase or decrease the child profile limit.

Adjusting the Child Profile Limit

  1. Navigate to Settings > Site Settings and access the Billing section.

  2. Select the new limit. Note that the limit can only be changed in multiples of 5. After entering the new limit, click Save to confirm the changes.

  3. Once saved, the updated profile capacity will be reflected on the Billing page within the Site Settings.

  4. The updated rate will automatically apply to your next billing cycle and be reflected in your invoice.

Remember, your invoice is based on your child profile limit, not the number of active child profiles on your site. Changes to this limit impact billing.

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