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Logging In To Educa - Shortcuts
Logging In To Educa - Shortcuts

Your Educa website is unique, so you can log in directly. Here are alternatives to going to the Educa website login pages.

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Pro Tip: Check the "Remember me" box on the login page if you are using a private device, to save having to enter your login details each time.

Educa is not like other software, where all users log into the same page. Your Educa site is a private, separate and unique version of our software. It has a unique URL or web address, meaning you can go directly to your version of Educa, to your private Educa site to login.

You should be able to see the URL in your browser's address bar. Note, if your browser is not showing a URL like this screenshot, that's because of a setting in your browser that you can change (Google "show URL in address bar").

And so, instead of going to the general Educa website login pages to log in, here are three quicker ways to log in to your Educa site:

  1. Bookmark your site's URL

  2. Type 3-4 letters into your browser's URL bar

  3. Add an Educa shortcut icon to your centers' website

Bookmark Your URL, It's Unique

Log in fully to your Educa site, then bookmark that page. Go to bookmarks in your browser menu at the very top and select "Bookmark This Tab" (Chrome) or "Add Bookmark" (Safari).

Starting Typing Your URL

Take notice of your site's URL (check out the URL in the address bar when you are fully logged in). And then the next time you want to log in, start typing it into the Address Bar.

So for the example above, a user could type 123 and then sites that user have visited that start with 123 will come up as options. As long as you don't clear your history frequently, this is an easy way to log in.

Add an Educa Shortcut to Your Center Website (for families)

If you add a login icon to the footer of your website, once they login once, the login image should take them right there in the future. Because your site is a unique URL, you could also add is as a link on any other community pages you might have, e.g., a private Facebook group page.

If you want to add a shortcut image, here some ideas. Add the image, and then add your unique Educa URL as a link.   We have added directions at the bottom.

How to Insert an Educa Login image onto your website.  These instructions should work for most Wordpress sites:

  • Right click the Educa login image you want to use to download.

  • Upload the image to your website (in the "media library").

  • Go to the place on your website where you want to add the login.

  • Click add media and select the Educa icon.

  • Click the pencil "edit" icon above the image and choose to align, then the size and then add your Educa site to the custom URL.

Note, if your footer uses Widgets, you may need to create a new widget for the Educa login image.

If you need help doing this, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.  We can help you get it set up.

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