Students can be invited to Educa to write their own stories. 

The Student User role is a locked down version of Educa, only providing the student access to their stories, including the ability to write their own.

Stories written by students require approval by their teacher before they are published

This article covers inviting a student to Educa and approving their stories.

Inviting a Student User

To invite a student user, navigate to their profile page and click "Edit Profile"

On the Edit Profile page, enter the student's email in the Email field then click "Invite"

An email will be sent to the student's email. This email includes a link to activate their account. The student can then click "Activate My Account" to activate their account. 

Educa will open and prompt the student to enter a password and accept Educa's Terms and Conditions. Once the user has entered their password in both the Password and Confirm Password field, and tick the box to accept the terms and conditions, click "Activate"

The student account is now activated and they can begin using Educa.

Approve Student's Stories

Approving a student's stories is very similar to the process for approving a teacher's stories, with one minor difference. Reviewers for student stories are based on class privacy, so any teacher assigned to that student's class can approve their stories.

When a student submits a story for approval, their teacher/s will receive an email notification as well as a notification in Educa that there is a story awaiting approval. Either click the link in the email or Educa notification centre to be taken directly to the story, or navigate to the Pending Stories page from the All Children page.

If you have clicked on a link in a notification you will be taken directly to the story's edit page. If you have gone through the Pending Stories page, click the title of the story. 

You can make edits to the story if necessary, then scroll to the bottom and either approve the story or send it back to the student for reworking. If you send a story back for reworking you will need to provide a reason. If you approve the story you can choose to add an approval comment if you like but it is not required.

Stories sent back for reworking will appear on the child's Draft Stories page. The link to this page is located under their profile picture on their profile.

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