Here's how Educa Support can help speed this process up for you. This is ideal for services who are setting a new site up.

Follow these three steps to upload your children:

1: Download our child data spreadsheet:

2: Fill it out with the child's name and other details.
Please note: For a parent to be linked to a child, their relationship, first name, last name and email address must be filled in. 

3: Send the completed excel sheet to us on, along with the name of your service. 

4: Once we have uploaded the child data, we will let you know and you can send an invite out to all your family members. 

Invite all your family members at once - Click Here 

Please contact our friendly support team if you have any questions. 

PS.  If your parent and child data is in a data base already, chances are you can export to a spreadsheet that you can then send us.  If you need help doing that, please try taking a look at the following articles or get in touch with us: 

Add all your Children from APT - Click Here

Add all your Children from Infocare - Click Here

Add all your Children from QiKids - Click Here

For security, all files are deleted from our server immediately after the upload.

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