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Communicating with Colleagues During the Busy School Day
Communicating with Colleagues During the Busy School Day

Learn how Educa can help your team share information with each other, even when you don't get the chance to see each other in person.

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In an ideal world, early childhood educators would have time to meet with their colleagues to reflect on their craft and discuss best practices, children’s learning, and centre policy. 

In reality, an early childhood educator’s day is filled with dozens of tasks that range from teaching to the immediate care of children. Finding time to meet with colleagues is difficult. Educa makes it easy.

Teacher Messages

Sending colleagues information or starting a discussion is easy using Teacher Messages on Educa. This may be called Educator Messages on your site.

This secure communication tool can be used to convey important information about students or to begin a discussion about teaching. Many centres also use teacher messages to share resources on best practices. 

Learn more about Teacher Messages right here.

Story Approval

New educators and those looking to improve their craft can get feedback on their stories using the story approval feature. 

Before a story is published, a mentor, colleague or director can view and comment on an educator’s draft story. This unique collaborative tool is ideal for busy educators who have little time to meet to review their stories.

Find out how to turn on Story Approval and determine your settings, right here.

Child Notes

Sometimes important, real-time information must be conveyed about a child in your service. Is a child experiencing some trauma at home? Has a child been sick or developed an allergy? Would you like your educators to keep track of a specific behaviour? 

When the teacher mode is selected in child notes, messages about children can be posted to educators only. This feature is especially helpful if educators at your centre float between classrooms, or if paraprofessionals work with children in multiple classes. The child notes section is a perfect way to convey information without taking the time to meet individually with colleagues.

Learn more about Child Notes in this handy help article.

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