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Profile Children - Assigning To Teachers
Profile Children - Assigning To Teachers

Teachers can see all of their children in the teacher profile under "Profile Children." Here's how assignment works.

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Educa calls all children seen by a teacher their "profile children". All the teachers linked to a child are their "profile teacher".

When class privacy is turned on a teacher is automatically assigned to see children in their assigned class. And that's all. If a teacher needs to see children outside of their assigned class, you can make them a profile teacher for those children.

This will allow the teacher to write stories and view the profiles of their profile children. 

Top Tip: You can also create additional Groups on Educa to manage access to children beyond their primary class.

If class privacy is turned off, there isn't a need to assign profile children to teachers as all teachers can view all child profiles. You may still wish to assign profile children to a teacher so that those children are listed under the teacher's My Children menu.

You can assign a profile teacher to a child individually or in bulk. Assigning profile teachers individually is done by editing the child's profile.

Alternatively, you can assign profiles teachers to children at once through your Site Settings. Only Site Administrators will be able to do this, with changes automatically saving.

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