By clicking Print on the Educa print manager, most computer users have the option to print or Save as PDF.

  • Chrome - select "Save as PDF" under "Destination"

  • Safari - click PDF in bottom left of print popup for options

Note, in the browser printer popup, under settings, you can also generally manage how the story fits on a page - by changing the margin settings, and by excluding headers and footers (such as the story URL that some browser include by default, but which can be removed).

iOS is Different

Educa supports PDF creation from iOS - iPads and iPhones as follows. From the print page, tap the "share" icon (at top on iPad, at bottom on iPhone), then you have two options:

  • Select "Books" (a free iOS app) on the app row, then tap to save the PDF in your Books folder

  • Send an email or message or Airdrop. iOS will automatically send in a PDF format. If that does not happen, under "Options" directly under "Print Learning Story" label tap to select PDF before sending.

iOS chooses the PDF size and margins automatically, which is not always as you intend. Educa has provided a number of print margin options (under "Print Options") to help you find the right setting that provides the right PDF for your setup.

Use Prior Print Wizard As Fall Back

If you are having difficulty creating a PDF, please use the prior Wizard at the top of the page to get to the simple Save as PDF button, which works on all devices. Note, this PDF version will not include borders and other inclusion options.

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