Here is a Step By Step Guide to get started on Educa that you can print out and use while exploring Educa. It explains how to invite teachers, how to set up children and invite families, and how to create stories and plans.

This video reviews how Educa works for teachers. 

Note, you can also activate the Getting Started Checklist forms in Educa - there is one for admins about setting up your site, and one for teachers.

Getting Started Resources - for Admins

Here are some guides and checklists to help you get started. There are also Start Forms in Educa you can use - for your site or for teachers.

Complete Site Set Up Guide - for Admins

Start Checklist - for Admins (for quick reference)

Family consent template (Word document you can use as starting point)

Family consent template in Spanish (word document)

Resources for Teachers

Complete Guide for Teachers

Start Checklist - for Teachers

Resources - for Families

Invite to Families - to encourage families to accept invite to Educa

Complete Guide for Families

Quick Start for Families

Video for families - this page has an overview for families and an intro video

Login Icon (download and add to your website with your URL as convenience to your families and teachers)

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