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How to Delete/Archive or Edit Form Templates
How to Delete/Archive or Edit Form Templates

A form template can not be archived or edited once a form has been created from the template.

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Active forms need active form templates so once a Form Template is used to create a form, you will notice it changes color in the form template folder (to black), signifying it can no longer be edited or changed, and the "Archive" button will disappear. To be able to archive the template, you'll first need to archive any active forms that are based off that template.

Once a template has been archived, it moves to the Draft/Archived tab. From there you can choose to permanently delete the template or activate again.

Ways to Change Form Templates

If you want to change a Form Template that has already been used for a form, you cannot edit the template, but you can create a "copy" and edit that version. The steps are:

  1. Click "Copy" on the Form Template page

  2. Select the type of forms that will be created - for teachers, children or a center*

  3. Change the title to reflect how your new Form Template is different

* Form type affects where the forms are housed on Educa. Teacher forms will attach to a teacher's profile (under "Forms), child forms to a child's profile (under "Forms") and center forms on the Forms homepage (under Tools), in a "Center Forms" tab.

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