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Adding Photos to Your Child's Gallery
Adding Photos to Your Child's Gallery

How to upload pictures to your child's photo gallery

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This article will show you how to upload a family story with photos so that you can link them to your child's gallery.

1: Go to your child's profile from the sidebar.

2: Click on the "Create Story" link. 

You will then be taken to the parent story creation page. From here, you can optionally create a story (adding text into the Story text box or uploading a PDF file or a video) or you can just upload photos in the Story text box if you just want to add photos to their gallery. 

3: Click "Upload Photos" to start. 

4: Click Add Photos to select the photos from your computer. Press the Apple Key on a Mac or the Control key on Windows to select multiple images. Then select "Choose" or "Open" to load into your story.

5: Your photos should now be sitting inside the text editor. You can now edit or resize the images if you would like. 

7: Once you have finished with your pictures and the story, click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the story. 

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