Note: Only Site Administrators can change settings.

One big decision for every customer is whether to turn on Class Privacy.  You would do this to restrict which children any given teacher can see.  

If you don't turn on class privacy, all teachers will see all children - many smaller centers choose this option.  If you do turn Class Privacy on, educators will only see their assigned classes.  

Note, class privacy settings are used to decide access throughout Educa - child profiles, stories, plans, teacher portfolios, etc. all use class privacy settings to determine access for any given user.

Activating the Class Privacy Setting

1:   Select "Site Settings" at the top of the page from the dropdown.

2:  Then "Privacy and Preferences"

3:  Under Privacy, you will see the option "Class Privacy Settings"
Just tick this option to activate.

Now all educators/teachers will only be able to see the children they are connected to via the classroom or profile children.

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