Class Management is a central hub from which Site Administrators can manage your classes. Administrators can easily make changes to your current set up in order to customise your site.

Add a New Class

From the Children menu, select Classes in order to create a new class. 

You'll need to select a name, assign teachers and add children to the class. Once you have added the information for the class simply click Save

Adding Children to a Class

You can add children to new or existing classes. This function allows you to easily assign new children to a class or move children to another class, which you'll frequently use at the end of each year.

After opening the class and clicking Select Children, you'll be able to filter out the children to see those not assigned to a class and those in another class. Check the profiles of those children you wish to add to the class, click Assign and then hit Save.

Update the Details of an Existing Class

You can change the details of a class at any time by selecting the class. Here you'll be able to change the name of the class, assign teachers to the class, remove teachers from the class and make changes to the linked children. Just remember to hit Save once you've made the required changes.

You can also change the order the classes appear on the All Children page. To reorder the classes, just click on the class and drag it into the correct order in the menu of the left hand side of the page.

Archive an Entire Class

At the end of the year it is likely that you'll need to archive a number of child profiles as these children leave your service. Often these children will be in a single class. In these cases you can use the Archive All option, rather than doing this individually through their profile. 

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