As part of our onboarding service, Educa Support will upload your children into Educa for you, using our children upload template.

If you use ChildPlus in the US as your child data manager, there is good news. ChildPlus has added a customized export report for exporting child data into Educa. To see this report, you need to ask ChildPlus to "add report #6567 to your database."

Steps to Export ChildPlus Child Data to Educa

So your steps are:

  1. Request the Educa export template, report 6567, to be added to your database

  2. Create the export of children that are going to in Educa

  3. Send us that export file - using the secure messaging icon in Educa, by email or by sharing via a Google Drive link

  4. Educa Support will upload the children for you. We will let you know when the task is complete - generally inside 24 hours

  5. The upload will include details and email for at least one primary guardian for each child. You can then go to "Manage Users" (under Settings) to invite all families with one click when you are ready

ChildPlus Data Partner

Educa is a ChildPlus data partner.

Note, for security, all files are deleted from our server once the data is uploaded into Educa.

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