Educa Support are on hand to help you upload all your children onto your site. Rather than having add these one-by-one there is a spreadsheet that you can fill out. The quick process is:

  1. Create spreadsheet in format Educa requires - manually or using your admin system

  2. Send spreadsheet to Educa

  3. Educa Support will upload to your site

  4. Check for duplicates and class assignments

  5. Mass invite families when you are ready

#1. Create Spreadsheet

There are two ways: Manually or export from a database

Manually. Download the template (click button here) and add each child's details to a new row. Include parent details in full so that you can send invites to their child' profile when it's ready.

Note, this upload should include children new to Educa only - to avoid duplicates.

Once completed, send the spreadsheet through to our Support Team on, along with the name of your service. 

We aim to upload all of the children onto your site within 24 hours and will notify you once this is complete.

Using admin database. If your parent and child data is in a database already, chances are you can export to a spreadsheet that you can then send us. Here are articles for some admin systems or get in touch with us: 

Add Children from APT - Click Here

Add Children from Infocare - Click Here

Add Children from QikKids - Click Here

Add Children from Procare - Click Here

Add children from ChildPlus - Click Here

#2. Send to Educa

Please choose a secure way to send your spreadsheet to Educa Support - either using the message icon (bottom right) in Educa or by uploading to Google Drive, Dropbox or other and then sharing a link with Educa Support -

#3 Educa Support Uploads Children

We will typically upload your children in 24 hours or less. We will notify you once it's done.

#4. Check for Duplicates and Class Assignments

Your upload should be for new children only. Check for last name changes or other name changes, making sure to avoid duplicate child profiles.

A child's class is part of the template. If you need to change class assignments, you can do that under Classes and Groups in Children tab. More here.

#5 Mass Invite New Families

Go to this page to invite new families with one click

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