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Bulk Upload Children with our Children Data Upload Template
Bulk Upload Children with our Children Data Upload Template

Effortlessly upload multiple children's profiles to your Educa site using our step-by-step guide and handy spreadsheet template

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Educa Support is dedicated to simplifying the process of uploading large numbers of children's profiles onto your site. By using our spreadsheet template, you can avoid the time-consuming task of adding children one by one.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Create Spreadsheet

1.1 Manually

  • Download the template: (click the orange button below to download our template)

  • Fill in the data: Please note that the following columns are a required minimum for us to be able to upload a profile to your site:

    • Child First Name

    • Child Last Name

    • Child Date of Birth

    • Child Gender

    • Caregiver 1 First Name

    • Caregiver 1 Last Name

    • Caregiver 1 relationship to child

    • Caregiver 1 Email

Important: To prevent duplicates, only include children new to your Educa site

  • Naming Conventions: You'll need to follow the correct naming conventions for child gender and caregiver relationships to make sure they appear in Educa correctly.

    Caregiver 1 relationship:

    • Mother

    • Father

    • Parent

    • Parents

    • Primary Caregiver

    Child Gender:

    • Girl

    • Boy

    • Non binary

This sample spreadsheet shows some examples of the format we require the data in.

1.2 Using an admin database

  • If your data is in another database (like APT, Infocare, QikKids, Procare, Childplus), please check within the other system if you can export the data in the required format to add to our spreadsheet template.

    Please note, Educa is a ChildPlus data partner.

2. Check and send to Educa

  • Duplicates: Ensure the upload is for new children only. Watch out for last name changes or other name changes.

  • Email the Spreadsheet: Send it to our Support Team at along with your service's name.

Please make sure to return the filled-out spreadsheet in a csv format.

3. Educa Uploads Children

  • Turnaround Time: We typically complete uploads within 1 business day.

  • Notification: You'll receive a notification once the upload is complete.

4. Class Assignments

  • Class assignment: Classes can be assigned in the template. If you need to change class assignments, you can do that once the child is uploaded under Classes and Groups in Children tab. Learn more.

5. Mass Invite New Families

  • Inviting Families: Once all children have been uploaded you can simply send invitations to all new families with one click. Learn more.

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