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Troubleshooting FAQ
Troubleshooting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using Educa

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I wrote a learning story and I can't find it!

The best place to find all of your stories - published, draft or pending (waiting for approval) is on your My Stories page in your Teacher Profile. There is a My Stories shortcut on the sidebar and in the web app menu.

Note, if you started to create a story and got interrupted, it will have been saved as a "draft story" - you can find it on the profile page of the child (under Draft Stories) or on your My Stories page.

Why won't my video upload?

Educa has a 300MB limit on video uploads. If you are getting an upload error and your video is too big, you have two choices - (1) compress it using a free site or (2) embed the video rather than upload it. Learn more about these two options here.

What's the difference between the teacher web app and Educa Touch?

The progressive web app (PWA) is for teachers. It is all of Educa, designed for your phone, iPad or tablet. You download the icon to your home screen and then use that icon to access Educa. Because the web app has a simple create story workflow, easy navigation and everything you see on the desktop site, it's what we recommend for all teachers and staff if they are on a phone or tablet. Learn more about the PWA here.

Why is Download PDF in the print manager not working?

First, it can take a few seconds to load the story and it will take you to a new tab. If you are having trouble it could be because you need to allow popups in your browser for your Educa site. You will find your popup blocker either on the right side of the URL window, or in Internet options. Here is an article on disabling popup blockers for all browsers and an image of how it looks in Chrome.

Who sees my ... stories, my plans, my forms, my teacher portfolio?

As a general rule:

  • Stories and plans default to being seen by everybody linked to a child

  • Forms are visible to those linked

  • Teacher portfolios are private

In all cases though, there are over-rides and exceptions. It's possible to create fields on learning stories and plans that are visible to teachers only. Same for plans - more here. And you can open up your Teacher Portfolio to others, on a post by post basis - more here.

Where can I see how many stories are being written?

Use the Reports page to track your site - stories written for children, comments on stories, parent visits and a lot more. Note, there is a site setting that give your site options over who sees these reports.

"Server Busy" error when trying to publish

This is almost always due to a slow Internet connection. Test your Internet speed here. Another possible message is "Your Internet connection is unstable."

What browser and version am I using?

Here's how to quickly check your browser name and version. Click this link:

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