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Why can't I see all of my children?
Why can't I see all of my children?

How to check to see if you are assigned to a child.

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If there are children who should be assigned to you, but you can't see them, ask an Admin on the Educa site to check these settings:

(1) Is the child is active in Educa?

(2) Has the child been added to your class?

(3) Are you assigned as a teacher to that class?

(4) Is the child assigned to you as a "profile child" - not in your class, but assigned?

If you are an Admin, you can check child-teacher assignments in two ways:

  • On child profile (click on the child's image) on the Stories page, and look at the Profile Teachers list - these are the teachers who can see this child's profile.

  • In the teacher profile (access from All Teachers under the Center tab), click Profile Children in the left menu to see all of the children assigned to that teacher - sorted by Class and by Group.

How Child-Teacher Assignment Works

Any teacher assigned to a class will automatically be assigned to each child in that class, meaning they will have access to each child's profile and will be able to create and edit stories, plans, etc.

In addition, it's possible for teachers have have children assigned to them who are not in a class. An Admin can do that for you on the "Edit Child Profile' Page - learn more about profile children here.

Who You See in Your My Children Icon on Sidebar

You will only see children you are assigned to, by virtue of that child being in your class or because the child was assigned manually.

If you are an Admin OR if Class Privacy is turned off (meaning all teachers see all children) you will still only see children assigned to you in the "My Children" dropdown. You can see All Children under the Children tab.

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