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Your Site's Privacy Settings

About class privacy, child privacy, staff access and other privacy settings in Educa.

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The privacy settings on your Educa site can be customised to meet your needs. Site Administrators can do this through Site Settings

Class Privacy

You can turn Class Privacy on to increase child privacy or for management reasons. Once turned on teachers will only see their assigned classes and their profile children.

Parent Privacy Settings

Determine whether parents can make changes to a child's profile, including inviting other family members to view their child's profile. 

If there is sensitivity around family information being displayed on a child's profile, you can hide the names and email address of family members. Educators will still see the details of active and pending accounts.

If you have an active parent community, you can give set parents permission to post on the message board. This could be used in instances where parents are running events at your centre and they wish to promote it on Educa. 

Educator Privacy Settings

By default, educators will be able to edit the stories of children they have access to, even if they didn't write the story. This is to facilitate collaboration between educators. If you need a more private set up you can turn this feature off, allowing educators to only edit the stories they created. 

All reports will be visible to all educators, however you can hide the Educator Story Report from all educators. If you choose to hide the report only Site Administrators will have access to it.

Educa's Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the wider privacy set up of Educa, you can check our our Privacy Policy. A link to the Privacy Policy is in the footer of each page on Educa, so parents and teachers can easily access it as required.

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