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At Educa, we believe that children who are inspired to explore the world around them receive the greatest foundation for lifelong learning and success.

With Educa, you'll gain hands-on visibility into your child's progress and experiences to enhance your involvement in your child's education. While Educa gives you a window into your little explorer and their learning, how you use the window really counts.

Here is how to make the most of what you get through Educa:

Family Power: Unlock Your Child's Learning Adventure

Together with our friends at Educa Academy, we’ve created the Educa for Families Series.

Our series of three concise, three-minute videos will guide you through:

  1. The variety of updates Educa delivers and the importance of engaging with them.

  2. Understanding the significance of learning observations shared by teachers.

  3. Strategies for meaningful interactions with your child based on these observations.

Access Your Child's Portfolio of Learning

Educa keeps you in the loop by sending you emails whenever new content is available, like new stories for your child or updates from the centre. Clicking on these emails will take you directly to the relevant content, so make sure to look out for them and never miss a moment!

Engage with Teachers

Educa encourages you to engage directly with your child's teachers to foster a deeper connection with your child's education journey. Share your appreciation with a like using our ‘Thank’ button at the top of the page and share your thoughts and feedback through comments at the end of a story or update. Use these tools to collaborate with teachers and create a nurturing, supportive learning environment.

Involve the Wider Family

Invite family members to join Educa and be part of your child's educational journey. Early education works best when everyone is involved, so encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other close relatives to share in the joy of your child's growth and development. You can send these invitations directly from your child’s Educa profile. Learn more about inviting family to your child's profile.

Continue Learning at Home

Learning isn't confined to the classroom. Continue to support your child's growth and foster a deeper connection with their educational journey by creating your own stories in Educa at home. These could be an activity, an event or an observation about an interest, strength or change in your child's behaviour. Learn more about creating family stories.

Educa is a trusted platform designed to enhance your involvement in your child's education. At Educa, we're dedicated to making your role as a parent in your child's education more accessible, enjoyable, and impactful. Join us today, and together, let's create inspired explorers.

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