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Start list, an interactive guide, the teacher web app for your phone, links to videos, help articles, Educa Academy and more

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This page is a collection of resources that will help you get oriented on Educa to start, then take a deep dive into more detail when you are ready!

To prepare for families, here is a quick checklist of things to do before you invite families:

This more detailed interactive PDF explains how Educa works, what's possible with tips and links to help articles and videos.
​Complete Guide to Educa - for Teachers

Be sure to add the Educa teacher web app to your phone, iPad or tablet.

Orientation Video

Other Resources

If you are wondering how to fit Educa and Learning Stories into your teaching routines - in the playground and not often at your desk, here are some suggestions:

Here is a 2-pager on Learning Stories - what to include (content), learning angles, writing tips and positive adjectives - for your wall or close by:

Here is a pitch you can send to parents to help them understand that joining Educa will help their child's learning.
​Why Parents Join Educa

Online Training - Educa Learning Story Academy

Educa has created an online training platform to help educators take their Learning Stories and Professional Development Goals to the next level. Educa's Learning Story Academy provides self-Paced learning content and courses, live sessions and study groups with Learning Story experts, and access to a community of presenters and like-minded teachers from around the world.

Learning Story Academy has multiple membership options with discounted pricing available for teams as well.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel of training videos.

Join Our Facebook User group here.

Must Watch Videos

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