This page is a collection of resources that will help you get oriented on Educa to start, then take a deep dive into more detail when you are ready!

To prepare for families, here is a quick checklist of things to do before you invite families:

Start List for Teachers

Start List for Teachers - US centers

This more detailed interactive PDF explains how Educa works, what's possible with tips and links to help articles and videos.
Complete Guide to Educa - for Teachers

Be sure to add the Educa teacher web app to your phone, iPad or tablet.

Adding Educa's web app to your device

Other Resources

Here is a 2-pager on Learning Stories - what to include (content), learning angles, writing tips and positive adjectives - for your wall or close by:

Learning Story Quick Notes

Here is a pitch you can send to parents to help them understand that joining Educa will help their child's learning.
Why Parents Join Educa

Online Training & Groups

Free teacher online training sessions - here is a list of regular trainings we hold. You can register for an upcoming training session or watch a replay.

Free webinars on all things early childhood education (with certificates)

Subscribe to our YouTube channel of training videos.

Join Our Facebook User group here

Must Watch Videos

Formatting learning stories

Printing beautiful stories in Educa

Dictating stories on your phone

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More help on settings and site options here.

Documents for families here.

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