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Story Workflow - from Playground to Family Response
Story Workflow - from Playground to Family Response

Suggestions on how to fit story creation into your teaching day - from taking playground photos through to conversations with families

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First, all teachers should be using our teacher progressive web app (PWA) - how to add PWA to device here

Seeing learning moments

When you are out and about and see a Learning Story-worthy moment (note story ideas), get started with a story.

  1. Open the Educa PWA and tap the hamburger navigation (top left)

  2. Tap "New Story" and choose a child

  3. Tap "Photos" then "Take Photo" - take photo and use for story. Or tap "Videos" then "Take Video" and use for story.

  4. Add title text you will recognise later (it defaults to date if you don't), and add notes to the story to remind you of your idea later, if needed.

  5. Tap "Done" (top right) to get back to the create story page

  6. Tap "Daft" (at bottom) to save as a "Draft Story."

Pro Tip: If this might be a Group Story, select "Group Story" in the New Story dropdown and add one child. You can add or remove children later.

You can publish and print a story on your PWA. More on stories on your PWA here.

Finishing your story

If possible though, complete your story on a desktop or iPad. Start by going to "My Stories" (in the sidebar or PWA hamburger menu), and find your story in Drafts. Note, only you can see your draft stories - unless your center turns on Enable Story Collaboration -more this here.

Create your story (layout and formatting tips here), link to frameworks or plans, and either submit for approval (If Story Approval is turned on - more here) or Publish to save to a child's portfolio and to send to family.

If you are sharing events without a learning angle, check the "Day Journal" box to add it to the child portfolios but not the Learning Story count. (Learning Story info here)

You can then print the story for a child's folio or the wall! (printing tips here)

What families see

Your stories are for your families and your children. And so first and foremost, make sure they are all invited to Educa. More on inviting all families in one click here.

Tracking your impact

You can review comments in the Stories and Comments report under Reports. (Who sees comments here)

Check out the "Parent Visit" report also, to see which family members are engaging, and probably as important, who is not.

Take time to check All Children (under Children). If there is a bell over the child photo, a Learning Story is due (more on alerts here). This gives you some direction to your work flow during the day, if you are looking for stories.

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